Daily digest: Russia to join the eurozone?

The five stories you should now about EU politics this morning.

The billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has announced he is running for Prime Minister in Russia, and he want a tighter connection between Russia and EU: “I think our country should make a decisive step toward rapprochement with Europe by first of all joining the Schengen zone and secondly entering the euro zone,” he told at a press conference.

Merkel and Sarkozy is once again having a crisis meeting concerning the eurozone. This time it is Sarkozy inviting German Chancellor Angela Merkel to join him in France on the next tuesday. In Berlin they’re not necessary happy for the invitation, since this breaks with Angela Merkels strategy to keep cool, experts say.

Slovakia’s Parliament speaker Richard Sulik compared the European Union with the Soviet Union on Tuesday. “This is like the Soviet Union. But we have never joined such a union. No one before our (EU) accession referendum ever told us that Slovakia should now pay billions upon billions for Greek pensions and Italian I-don’t-know-what,” he said. The Open Europe blog have made a comment on the statement.

In extension the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said yesterday the debt-hit EU countries can blame themselves, and should also find their own solutions. “It is important to recall that it is up to European countries hit by the crisis to find solutions to their own problems,” Reinfeldt told reporters in Stockholm. Sweden is now one of the most robust economies in Europe.

After the a lot of turmoil on the markets a German MEP is now asking for one voice on economic woes in Europe. “The problem is that the Europeans have not reacted immediately. It’s not one voice that is speaking. Also the leading power, Germany and Merkel, have taken a long time to understand the crisis,” Jorgo Chatzimarkakis said to Los Angeles Times.

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