Daily Digest: Hollande stepping up on growth

The socialist candidate in the french presidential election, Francois Holland, yesterday stepped up his demands of a renegotiation of the fiscal treaty in order to secure a growth strategy for the EU. The most likely outcome of Hollande’s demands seems to be a new “growth compact” as the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, also has proposed. Rumors are spreading in Brussels that if Hollande will be elected in France on May 6 an extra summit in the Council of the EU could be held by the end of May to negotiate a growth compact.

May 6 will also be election day in Greece, where a new coalition is beginning to form. Chief of the party PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos, yesterday announced that the two main parties PASOK and New Democracy might need to join forces with another coalition party to reach more than 50% of the votes, which Venizelos think is necessary if the new government should be able to implement reforms that will be needed.

The two members of the EU Rumania and Bulgaria are not a part of the border-free Schengen area, although they comply with the demands to become a member of the area. The accession of these two countries to the zone has been blocked by the dutch government, which is now faced with a political crisis, and has been forced to step down after negotiations of budgetary discipline broke down. President of the Council of the EU now eyes an opportunity for Bulgaria and Rumania to join the Schengen area in September, he said Wednesday.

Speaking of the dutch political crisis the think than Open Europe has made a rather good summary of the crisis in the Netherlands. You can find the listing right here.

The comedian Colm O’Regan has posted a rather entertaining manuscript of a soap opera based on the eurozone crisis. The drama just reached a new objectives after the first round of the french presidential election, more bad figures from Spain and the insecurity over the Dutch political crisis.

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