Daily Digest: Critisism of austerity on top of campaigns

This week is rather crucial in European politics. On Sunday voters will go to the polling stations in Greece and France (and Serbia). And the campaigns in those two countries are now filled with criticism of the German led austerity agenda. This criticism has been amplified by the fact that a Spain suffers from another recession, and the forecast of the unemployment in the 17-nation euro area are still rising. While Greece and France does criticizes the austerity measures, Germany sticks to the plan, according to the German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who insisted on this yesterday.

In France Nicolas Sarkozy is now closing the gap between him and Fracois Hollande before the election on Moday a new poll from France shows. In the new survey Sarkozy would get 47% of the voters, while Francois Holland will keep his 53%.

On todays May Day strike, Greece is expected to be on a standstill today, where hundreds of thousands of public and private sector workers, will wallk off the job. They will send a clear message before the election begins on Sunday. Leader of the socialist party Evangelos Venizelos, is getting nervours about the voters before the election. He fears that far-right parties will win great support in the upcoming election.

In the case of Yulia Tymoshenko some European leaders are now boycotting the Euro 2012 football championship that will be held i Ukraine. In the commission both Barroso and Vivian Redding have declined to participate in the event. “You cannot close your eyes in human rights, even during a great sporting celebration,” Viviane Redding told reporters. At least five presidents have also declined to participate, while German chancellor Angela Merkel has used the occasion to criticize the Ukrainian government.

The Romanian government fell, but as the case has been with the Netherlands, the prime minister has promised that Romania will respect pledges made by the government to EU and IMF within the limits of the 2012  budget.

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