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This is how upset Merkel is with Cameron

Angela Merkel arriving to the EU Summit last week. She is now warning to stay away from the next summit, because of veto threats from the British prime minister, David Cameron. (Photo by EU Council)

The German chancellor Angela Merkel is now warning to cancel her participation in next months EU summit on the EU budget. The threat comes as the British prime minister, David Cameron, has said he will veto any other proposal than a budget freeze or a lower EU budget at the summit in November. The EU summit in November is an extraordinary summit arranged to deal only with the EU budget negotiations.

Malta has nominated their foreign minister, Tonio Borg, to take over John Dalli’s position as health and consumer commissioner. This happens as a consequence of Dalli’s resigning after allegations that he sought to sell his influence to the tobacco industry. Borg, who will now travel to Brussels to talk with president of the commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, is educated as a lawyer and was also Malta’s deputy prime minister until he announced his wishes to go to Brussels.

The Greek government and the troika of international lenders are due to continue their talks today. They are trying to settle a deal to present for finance ministers of the eurozone countries, that will meet on November 12. So far they haven’t been able to reach an agreement, but according to the Greek finance minister they have completed of 90 percent on the road for Greece to receive the next tranche of the bailout money from the international lenders.

Regional elections in Spain yesterday showed mixed feelings for the Spanish government and the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy. In his home region of Galicia he was given a boost for his austerity drive, while nationalist parties won in the Basque Country.

Angela Merkel’s challenger in next year’s general election, Peer Steinbrueck, said in an interview on Sunday that Angela Merkel is doing everything that she can to delay the realization of the banking union until after next years general elections in Germany. Angela Merkel was quoted during the EU summit arguing that “quality comes before speed” as her reason for delaying elements of the banking union.

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