Kicking off a new

Hi, and welcome to the new version of

In cooperation with the design-bureau can. we’ve made a redesign of, and we have made some changes on the way this site functions.

Here’s a few.

– Weekly Wrap Up. Instead of our Daily Digest we will make one weekly wrap up of what you need to know about European politics. Remember to join the mailing-list in the top-right corner, and to read our first Weekly Wrap Up.

– More comments. Instead of our Daily Digest we will from now on blog and comment on happenings in European politics as they happen. For example today, we have a blog on a rather insane french tax on Google. We call these new comments for “On Second Thought”.

– Once in a while, we’ll ask a wise-guy or girl to write a wise post for us. This week for example we can present professor in Economics Jesper Jespersen’s take on the eurozone crisis. A crisis that’s quite incurable, according to Mr. Jespersen, but he suggests a few solutions. We call this new section for “Beyond Headlines”.

– We have updated our calendar-function. Just move your mouse over the calendar in the right sidebar, and you’ll get all the most important happenings, on the date of your choice, just beneath your mouse. That’s cool.

And that’s just some of it.

Hope you’ll like our new site. We’re proud of it. What you need to know about European politics. Strictly.

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