This guy can be rather surprising

President Van Rompuy addresses to the press conference of the Eurozone Summit, Brussels, 23 October 2011

President of the Council of the European Union surprised this evening by calling off the the budget just after midnight. (Photo by European Council, on Flickr)

“Today we must decide on our Union’s budget from 2014 to 2020. Maybe this meeting will be long and complicated. Fortunately this issue only comes up every seven years!”

That’s how Herman Van Rompuy introduced the EU budget-meeting this night before presenting his new budget proposal.

Short after he set the EU summit on pause untill noon tomorrow, Friday, in a rather surprising move for the man who usually keeps the press and the EU leaders awake for late nights.

The government leaders from the member states and their delegates now have till friday noon to chew the new proposal and make up their mind before a marathon-meeting will take place tomorrow instead.

According to bureauchief at Reuters, Luke Baker, the new proposal from Rompuy “trims cuts to agriculture and cohesion funds, but keeps headline cuts to 80 bln euros”, and he continues.

“spending on EU administration and energy and telecoms infrastructure must have been cut”.

I’ll be back tomorrow with new updates.

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