Weekly Wrap Up:
Why you don’t want EU to be your boss

EU as a boss would be quite similar to the character Michael Scott in the TV-series “The Office”. (Press photo by NBC)

Quite a bit happened since last weeks wrap up.

A whole lot of budget talk – on the budget for 2013 and on the long term EU budget 2014-2020, and on the Greek budget.

On the other hand: Nothing really happende.

Let’s get started.

EU budget 2013

On Friday last week the finance ministers of the 27 EU countries met with the EU parliament and the EU commission to agree on a budget frame for next year. That didn’t happen.

The EU parliament want EU countries to contribute to the next budget with additional 9 billion euro in ”emergency funding”. Without these money there will be a lack of money in some EU funded projects, mainly in Eastern Europe. The EU countries resists. They do not want to contribute with anything more.

Talks broke down on Friday, and the three institutions decided to meet again on Tuesday.

Which they didn’t.

Already before the meeting was set to begin, the president of the EU parliament, Martin Schulz, said in a press statement that he would not show up for the negotiations.

No deal, and the proposal is now sent back to the EU Commission, which is responsible to find an agreement before January, or else… the budget next year will become rather complex.

EU budget 2014-2020

Not much to mention on this deal. Expectatly there will be a lot of negotation between diplomats from all over Europe these days before the Council of the EU will meet late next week.

Still no breakthrough or magic solutions to these negotiations, and as I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I still don’t believe a deal will be reached.

Greek budget

At least one deal was made. In Greece. On a new though budget for 2013.

With the deal in the hand, Greece went to Brussels, expecting to get their next tranche of money paid.

No can do, the other eurozone finance ministers said. They want to see a plan for how Greece will get their massive debt a little easier to chew. Maybe through a haircut on the money that Greece owe the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

But, hey! One deal were made. An extension on the Greek debt deal seems to be ”in da house”.

The none decisions

So, it’s another week of none-decisions in the EU. They had the chance to agree on at least two big deals that would ease the pressure on the European economy.

They couldn’t agree on anything, and postphoned the decisions.

…If you had a boss like that, unable to make decisions, you would probably go on strike.

Which millions of people did in around seven southern European countries today.

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